Managing invitations and ticketing for corporate hospitality in today’s compliance culture

The Guest Management System

Corporate Hospitality like sporting and other social events is an important part of doing business, but in today’s world it must be done correctly.

The corporate hospitality Guest Management System helps you promote your brand both inside and outside your organisation. It works for field staff, managers and guests, with no training required, and can handle last-minute changes too.

It’s designed to comply with regulations regarding corporate entertainment, including the Bribery Act (2010) and the Data Protection Act (2018). Secure and auditable, our proprietary guest management system ensures your internal policies are followed.

Working with your marketing and compliance teams we make sure your internal rules are applied in a way that doesn’t slow down or obstruct the business relationships that corporate hospitality supports.

The fully branded system which can include your own domain name gives you full control over who invites guests (including plus-ones and guests of guests), along with cost tracking, budget allocation and expenditure approval. So peace of mind is built in.

Easily send branded and personalised invitations by email or post. Manage invitation in bulk to speed the process where you know who is being invited in advance.

Management and Brand Managers can see at a glance who has been invited and who is attending, along with ticket allocations and nominations and of course costs.

Information is fed to your CRM system to track all interactions with clients and partners.

Ticket inventory can be tracked and pre-allocated. Tickets can be delivered by hand, post or electronically.

We have worked with both end user organisations and their ticketing agencies on Wimbledon, Royal Ascot, English Premier League, FA Cup and many other campaigns.

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